Networking comes in Different Forms - Which one is right for You?

business development community networking Jun 06, 2022
The Grand Connection 2-day Business Growth Buffet has just concluded. WOW! fast-paced mega networking yet done with warmth and authenticity. The hosts and co-founders, Susan Jarema and Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt are super energetic, dynamic connectors, and also big picture visionaries. We met through Beekonnected using the Konnection Generator. I actually met each of them individually, only later to find out that they were business partners. We immediately recognized sharing the spirit of networking.
Networking can take so many forms. There is B2B networking, personal networking, and mega networking.
Chambers of Commerce, Women Economic Ventures, S.C.O.R.E., the Rotary Club, and other local organizations are great for accommodating local B2B connections and collaborations.
Mega networking is an expansion of local networking, and it takes a multi-talented team of techs, organizers, marketers, and forward-thinking participants/members, and many miraculous connections. Both BeeKonnected and The Grand Connection are mega networking organizations. Both offering exceptional value and opportunity to their members.
Our network motto: "You have Potential. Together we have Exponential Potential!" is coming alive more than ever!
Did you know that there is a method for connecting and developing relationships that are long lasting and more authentically valuable? 
Whether you're trying to build better business relationships or family and personal relationships, guess what?  YOU are the key. YOU are the Secret Sauce!
Do you know what is in YOUR Secret Sauce? 
DISCover your social DNA and your personality strengths.  
Do you want to explore networking options for you? Your time is valuable - be strategic about who, where, and how you "network". 
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