Sandy enJOYS encouraging and equipping LEADERS in all areas of influence:

HELPING ORGANIZATIONS  raise awareness of their cause, establish thought leadership, build relationships and generate revenue while having FUN!

HELPING HOMESCHOOL MOMS discover her “super powers”, those of her children, and those of her homeschool community, so that together they can build a school that ROCKS!

HELPING WOMEN identify her God-given talents and special callings, to follow her passion while developing her business through learning new skills and connecting with the right people and resources.

Sandy's background includes experience in these positions:

  • Connections Catalyst at Memorable Connections
  • Certified DISC Personality Profile Analyst
  • Kingdom Builders Academy Training & Inner Circle member
  • CEO, Founder of the Women’s Christian Community Business Network
  • CEO, Co-founder of the Santa Barbara Business Network 
  • Special Events Coordinator: Art Shows, Fashion Shows, Car Shows, Sales Promotions
  • Contracts Administrator for commercial & government contracts
  • Franklin Covey system for Time Management
  • Wife
  • Mom
  • Homeschool Teacher
  • Nanni
  • International Host Mom to over 80 students in the last 35 years from various countries & cultures
  • Business Coach & Your Virtual Cheerleader!

Complimentary Strategy Session

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Sandy, Certified as a Human Behavior Consultant with Personality Insights, Inc.

  • Trained to administer personality profile assessments and coaching services
  • Able to provide training on the DISC Model of Human Behavior for personal growth and development
  • Able to provide training for teams to encourage understanding and promote cooperation for better results

Mayor Marcos Andre Aguzzolli

A vocational test and self-knowledge is very important in the growth of our children! It's always good to be more confident about choosing a future career!

We have to take advantage of these techniques that allow young people to understand and evolve!  I believe it's a parent's role to help their children at this stage by providing good tools!

My wife and I really recommend Sandy’s coaching program because it was very helpful to our daughter, thank you so much Sandy!

Marcos Aguzzolli
Prefeito Municipal
Sao Francisco de Paula-RS, Brazil

Luisa Aguzzolli
College Student

This coaching program is very interesting, it’s very good understanding more about ourselves and know what we should do in some situations!

I did this assessment because I was unsure about what course I should do in my university. This program showed exactly who I am, my personality and I learned so much more about me and the many career options for me!

I really recommend Sandy's program.

Luisa Aguzzolli
Kaplan International Language Program Student

Data Analyst

At first, I was skeptical about how accurate a personality assessment would be but when the report came through, I was shocked at how closely and well it described me, particularly my "nature" vs how others perceive me “environment".

I was surprised to find that the DISC assessment report's suggestions for my career are what I've discovered through trial and error over my 8 year professional career. I learned the hard way about what works (and doesn't) for me in a role and organization.

I can't help but think of the time I may have saved by taking an assessment like this while I was in college or earlier in my career. 



Working with Sandy on my DISC personality assessment helped me understand my strengths on a deeper level to better serve clients in my photography business. It made me more aware of the qualities I bring to the table in addition to how I can adapt to the needs of others with different personality traits and working styles.

It’s a powerful tool to understand and utilize in working with people to get what you need out of different situations and generate effective teams.

Homeschool Mom-preneur

My 15 year old son was not happy about homeschooling. We have been homeschooling our children for the last 2 years; and honestly, I was not certain about what to do next, until I found out about what Sandy offered and signed up for a DISCovery session with my son. 

Through his completion of a personality strengths assessment and our session with Sandy, I have a better understanding of what my son needs and how I can improve his homeschooling experience.  

My son was encouraged  through Sandy's explanation of his assessment and her suggestions on what he can do now for his lifetime goals, even to be a Real Estate Mogul!


What People Are Saying:

"Sandy and Gino Goe are two people I trust and admire. They bring a joy to business and life that will excite you. They are veteran small business owners, innovative entrepreneurs and just plain good people. Follow their advice, invite them into your world, and don’t miss the opportunity to sample Gino’s “Shang Dang Barbecue!”


PBS TV cohost, Author of 22 books, Hall of Fame Professional Speaker
~ Austin, TX

"I have known Gino Goe and his company G & G Construction for more than 25 years. He has worked on both repair and construction projects for me.

These projects have included both rental property and my personal residence. The quality of the work performed has always been excellent.

His knowledge of the various construction trades and his attention to all project details is outstanding."


D&H Equipment
Carpinteria, CA

"Sandy and Gino are committed to connecting Santa Barbara area businesses. They offer numerous resources, a community platform and innovative ways to help local businesses grow, thrive and contribute to the place we call home."


Liz G Photography
Solvang, CA

"Rooted in the local community as citizens and business owners; always seeking proactive ideas & solutions to boost new and referral business to the benefit of all."


Brown & Brown Insurance
Santa Barbara, CA

"A visionary leader and great business connector, Sandy Goe has been helping professionals take their businesses to higher levels of success."


TV Producer, TV Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA

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