Personality Strengths of 10 Top Christian Leaders disc disc personality assesesments faith interpersonal skills leadership personal development professional development Feb 09, 2024

Our personalities are a gift from God. 

  • We are each uniquely designed
  • Our personality is as unique as our fingerprint! 
  • Your Personality is not the same as Your Character
  • Our Personality is what we are given. 
    Our Character is what we do with it!



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Sandy's Testimony of TWO Birthdays - Spiritual Transformation faith personal development Jun 13, 2022

MY TESTIMONY for my BIRTHDAY:, I’ve got 2 birthdays: 1. “Normal” birth, 2. “Spiritual” birth

Yep! Born 2X?!

When the END was the BEGINNING

In 1978, my brother, Keith, gave me a book to read. It was a small 5x8” book with the title: “END TIMES” by...

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