Making Your Summer Memorable - Even When It's Over

memorable events memorable moments Aug 14, 2022
Photo Collage to Capture and Preserve Memorable Moments

As Summer 2022 comes to an end, it's hard to believe it's over! 

I just want to encourage families to capture and preserve all those precious times your family shared, as they will be treasures that you cannot re-create.   

When my children were young we didn't have digital cameras or iphones you could snap on a whim.  We had to buy film, take the photos, and then take the film to a store to process before even knowing what we actually captured on film!  

Today it's so awesome that we can take photos and videos anytime.  However, they're all in our phones! 

So, here's my suggestion: PRINT a selection of photos you have taken this summer and create a SUMMER 2022 PHOTO ALBUM for your family.  Create your own custom e-book: "Our Family Summer 2022" or "(Your Family Name) Summer 2022"

I promise you, this will be treasured for many many years.  

Even the kids that act like they don't care, will have their heart touched when they come across these photos later, when they're adults, and especially when they themselves begin to start their own families. 

I am a seasoned mom-preneur and now a grandma, and I'm always so "busy", but when I've taken the time to intentionally pull an album together, or create a collage of photos for a birthday celebration, these photo gifts are the most treasured - and your gift keeps on giving.

It doesn't have to be "perfect", just DO YOUR BEST with what you have, and it will be a Memorable Gift to your family.

The summer hasn't ended yet, you still have time to pull one together!

The kids can help too. They may even enjoy creating their own albums or photo collage. 

Make it fun! Make it a creative project time!  it's a relationship building activity that will always be remembered and treasured.

p.s. We just celebrated our daughter's 40th birthday and the collage of photos I taped on a sparkly foam board was the biggest hit at her party! 


~ Sandy