Making Milestones Memorable: Birthdays, Achievements, Holidays & More

celebrations event planning Jun 18, 2023
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Today is a day to let the Dads, Grand-dads, and anyone who has served as-a-Dad, know how much he is appreciated.  Warm his heart with remembrance of special things he has done for you, the impact that he has made in your life, and all his positive attributes.  

Year after year, holidays come and go, birthdays come and go, and we have are highs and lows ~ but what makes one more MEMORABLE than the other?  

What memories to you cherish? What pops into your mind?

Most likely it's connected to an emotional tie.  Feelings of affirmation and joy are etched into our hearts and have long-term effects.  Of course there's the other types of experiences, but today we will focus on the positive, happy days and happy memories.  Let's make today "memorable".

I will add to this post with other examples of making memorable moments and events, but I'll start with how we can honor our Dads.  I'm going to share an example of what I did for my Dad's milestone birthday and I hope this may spur on some ideas for you to use for Father's Day or any special occasion.

Please share your ideas or ask questions in the comments and I look forward to reading and responding.

On June 7th, 2023, my family celebrated my father's 95th birthday!

Yes! this is a MILESTONE birthday!  woohoo!  

Since the Covid pandemic, our family's in-person gatherings came to a halt.  Prior to this we enjoyed lively food and family gatherings including all generations.  Relationships have been affected, as well as the health of individuals due to the isolation and lack of interaction and exercise outside of the confines of the homes.  After 3 years of the Covid-effect, it seems people are coming out again and ready to socialize and gather again.  But for the elderly, some of the consequences of isolation and lock-down are irreversible.  

Forgetting what's behind us, and looking forward, how can we lift up our spirits?    

How can we take what we have and make it better? create something we can all look forward to?  How can we re-connect with one another?   How can we find other ways to build back our relationships and make them stronger?

These are the thoughts that I considered as my Dad's milestone birthday of 95 approached. 

My Dad and Mom (90 years old) are amazingly healthy and active, and thankfully have always allowed our immediate family to come and visit with them.  Before the pandemic, my parents were very active: golfing 3x/week, visiting friends, shopping at the mall with the aunties, planning and engaging in family gatherings, and enjoying life with friends and family and animals.  After the pandemic, their body strength has weakened due to the loss of physical activity and their circle of friends diminished as many have passed on or their health has taken them down.  Although my parents are healthy and well, and they have each other and us as family, it's obvious that they miss the more active and outgoing lives they once enjoyed.

We can't change the world, and we can't change circumstances, but we can change what we do within them. 

  • Isolation
  • Status Quo
  • Limitations

Let's address these. 

So for My Dad's 95th Birthday this is what I did to address these 3 issues that affect happy-ness.

1.  Connections and Communication

2.  Creativity

3.  Opportunities and Resourcefulness

What did I put together to lift the spirits and warm up the relationships from stagnate to flowing?

I. FAMILY GATHERING made VIRTUAL via Zoom for LIVE interaction

II. GROUP Virtual Card set up and family and friends invited to sign, add photos and videos

III. FOOD & FAMILY  for those who can physically gather in person

Would you like to know more about how it was done? 

It was really simple - just takes a little planning, making some phone calls and follow through to deliver the most Memorable Moments of the year! and to be treasured for many years to come.



I'd be happy to "brainstorm" with you, and help you make your next Milestone event MEMORABLE!  Click here to grab a call with me.