Memorable Marketing: HOW do people know that YOU are still in business?

business listing directory to connect memorable marketing visibility Mar 02, 2023

DID YOU KNOW?  since the COVID pandemic, businesses that were temporarily closed barely 50% have been able to re-open! soooooooo,




Where are you? are you getting out of your "box"? physically or at least virtually?

Take a moment, and think about those businesses that you personally are a client of.

  • How did you find them?
  • What is it that brought you to connect with them and what keeps you going back for their product or service? 
  • How did you know that they were still in business through the COVID shutdowns and our economic climate we have all been weathering through?
  • What are you doing to let people know that YOU are still in business and ready and eager to serve them?

The FASTEST and EASIEST way to begin getting the word out that YOU and YOUR BUSINESS are ALIVE AND WELL is to get out there! physically and virtually, show your presence, reach out and communicate with others, and then one thing will lead to another and another, and you will begin to raise your visibility "organically"!   

THEN, you can choose if you want to add a little fire to the fuel, get some rubber to the road, or get a spotlight shining on you, because YOU CAN!

Through the years of working with coaches, speakers, business owners, and entrepreneurs of ALL backgrounds and niches, I have found three activities most effective for raising your visibility "organically" (i.e. before spending $money on advertising):

1) Publish Your Professional Profile and Get into Directories

2) Speak and Freely Share Your Expertise

3) Create Memorable Events and Expand Your Influence through them!



I am here to help you get out there and touch the lives of those you have a passion to serve. 

So, lets begin with #1: Publish Your Professional Profile and Get into Directories

And here's WHY:  When you are listed in online directories, then it raises the chances of being found when your dear prospect is searching for what they need that you are offering.  Otherwise, they will find someone else who is offering the same product or service ~ even though YOU KNOW that you serve it better, right?! YES!  help them find you by including yourself in online directories.

How Do Online Directories Work?

Online directories work as sort of a middleman connecting clients and businesses. Usually, the business decides to enter its information and links to its website to the directory. 

Certain directories, however, are able to list high in organic rankings, due to their trustworthy nature. Through this avenue, there is the possibility of traffic and leads for businesses listed. If you can list your business in a trusted directory, then it is helpful as the listing site works to provide a reference and a citation for your business. It’s said that Google uses certain directory listings as 'certifications' or 'citations' of your business. Links on trusted websites can increase your certifications and visibility to Google.

"5 Benefits of Including Your Business in Online  Directories" ( / Read more in Blog

     Benefit 1: You can be found more easily online

     Benefit 2: Directories Provide the Right Information

     Benefit 3: Directories Build Brand Awareness

     Benefit 4: Directories Enhance Your Business' Reach

     Benefit 5: Directories are Social

The Search Engine Journal states that citations improve your local SEO rankings.  Citations are a key ranking factor for local search. They are an online reference to a business that features the business' name, address, and phone number (NAP).

Typically, when an SEO refers to citations, they are talking about a group of individual business listings on various sites.  Most citations take the form of an online business directory (like our DIRECTORY TO CONNECT).  While the minimum amount of information required for most citations is just a name, address, and phone number, most websites (like our offer many more opportunities to add additional information.

Why Citations are Important: they Improve Local Rankings
Citations are considered a ranking factor for local SEO.  
Having your business listed in trusted online directories sends signals to Google that improves their degree of certainty that your business exists.


3 Top Driving Forces to Make Your Business Listing more effective:

  1. Accuracy of your listing
  2. Quantity of listings
  3. Quality of the online directory 





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