Memorable Connections Personality Assessments


Select your choice of assessment, and complete the order form.  You will receive an email with your custom code for you to take your assessment.  Relax and simply answer the 24 questions - there are no "wrong answers". It usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. 

  Note to Parents: allow your child to answer without any influence from you. 

Once the Assessment is completed, the results will be delivered through Sandy. You may choose to review your report on your own or sign up for a strategy session. Sandy is a certified DISC personality profile analyst equipped to help you for your personal and professional success!


Personality Strengths

 6-page report: $12.95

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Leadership Strengths Assessment

 65-page report: $69.95 

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Personality Strengths Assessment

 8-page report: $12.95

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Personality Strengths Assessment

  8-page report: $12.95

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NOTE: These are the "CONCISE" versions, with the exception of the Leadership assessment.  For extended versions that include a more detailed report and additional tools, visit the full store.

The Adult version is for mature teens and up.

The Leadership version comes with an extensive report and is especially for those who are ready to dig deep for personal and professional growth.

The Teen version is for ages 11-17 years old, and includes career indicators.
The teen assessment identifies what they truly care about & raises their confidence with a list of their personality strengths.

The Child version is for children ages 5-11 years old, and is presented in picture form.

If you have any questions about which one is best for you, or if you're interested in our special packages and strategy sessions, please feel free to contact us.

To view our full store of assessments and detailed description of each: VIEW STORE

Benefits of the Leadership Strengths Assessment:

  • Improve communication
  • Identify Strengths
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce stress
  • Learn how you come across to others
  • Grow personally
  • Be more motivated
  • Improve relationships through understanding
  • Develop amazing people skills
  • Unlock your leadership potential
  • Quickly identify personality traits in others

Major Benefits of each Version

Most of our programs include the Adult Concise version. This chart is provided to help you see that there are upgrades that you may find even more beneficial for your leadership development. 

The Extended and Leadership versions are rather in depth, and it is recommended that it is paired with a 1-on-1 strategy session.

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Discover Your Personality DNA

Here's a few examples of programs.  Customized and Group Programs may be designed for you.

Executive Special

Transform Your
Business Environment

What you'll get:

  • Identify Your Leadership Style
  • Leverage your super powers
  • Boost your Influence

[Ask about Group rates for your team]


Family Special

Break Through Roadblocks

What you'll get:

  • DISCover Personality Strengths
  • Awaken Awareness of Your Authority
  • Reconnect the heart of your home

[Limited time special.]


Teen Entrepreneurship

Transform Your Future!

What you'll get:

  • Tools for Entrepreneurship
  • Communication & Relationship Skills
  • Strategies for financial success!

[Pre-qualification Required.]


Testimonials from Training Participants


"In my DISCovery session with Sandy Goe of Memorable Connections, I got excited about the real potential for growth for my family and my business! 

You'll get personal insights into what motivates you and what overwhelms you, and how to create your ideal home and work environment."


"The personality test is extremely important as it contributes to self-knowledge.  Personality is part of your identity, it is your personality that makes you who you are and from there you make decisions in your life, ...

As a college student I found my session with Sandy affirming and I'm excited about how I will be using my personality strengths for my career development."


 "I can't help but think of the time I may have saved by taking an assessment like this while I was in college or earlier in my career. 

I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with Sandy" 

Elissa Endow

At first, I was skeptical about a "personality assessment", but when the report came through, I was shocked at how closely and well it described me.

The DISC assessment report's suggestions for my career are what I've discovered through trial and error over my 8 year professional career. I learned the hard way about what works (and doesn't) for me in a role and organization.

I have finally found my dream role at an organization whose values and culture also fits my personality. However, I could have saved time and money if I had taken this assessment while I was in college or earlier in my career!

I sincerely believe this is an incredible tool for individuals and organizations to use to understand themselves or their teams and how to optimize team performance by providing insight into how different personalities can best interact together. Much of the errors and issues in an organization arises from miscommunication and perceived hostility due to differing personalities and communication styles.

Engaging in Personality Awareness Training will without a doubt alleviate many of those issues and teach individuals how to be aware of their own personalities and those of others they work with in order to more efficiently complete a project. 

I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Sandy and for her insights.

Ann Nguyen

Working with Sandy on my DISC personality assessment helped me understand my strengths on a deeper level to better serve clients in my photography business.

Through my session with Sandy, I became aware of the qualities I bring to the table in addition to how I can adapt to the needs of others with different personality traits and working styles.

At a previous employment I was given the DISC Assessment, but was never shown how to apply the results.  They posted the employees' codes on a community board but never explained what we were suppose to do with it. 

After Sandy's training, now I realize, it’s a powerful tool to understand and utilize in working with people to get what you need out of different situations and generate effective teams.

I'm excited to start implementing what I've learned through the training session with Sandy!