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Gain the Keys to a Brighter Future

We use the D.I.S.C. personality assessments as a tool to help you to discover your natural gifts, the strengths of your unique personality, how God beautifully designed You, how you're naturally "wired", and primed with a purpose and plan.

You will be shown how you can immediately put them into action to raise your marketability for your dream job or career.

Coach Sandy provides insight and guidance from tried and true experiences in business, entrepreneurship, education, parenting, and hosting over 80 international college students from various countries and cultures.  

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Testimony for Sandy's DISCovery Coaching

Alyssa shares what she gained through her coaching sessions with Sandy and what she looks forward to!

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Sharpen the Skills that Count!

Graduation Cap and Books

Group Workshop for TEENS

  • DISCover your personality strengths / powers
  • Learn WHY you do what you do
  • Gain a deeper understanding of others
  • Develop skills that will¬†feed your financial success
  • Discover the secrets to stronger relationships
  • Be resilient and overcome obstacles
  • Stoke hope!
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PRIVATE 1-on-1 Session

  • DISCover your personality strengths
  • Identify your unique "super powers"
  • Gain clarity on who you are
  • Recognize what matters most to you
  • Learn the secrets to building stronger relationships
  • Get keys to writing a¬†winning resume
  • Create a plan¬†for your dream job or career
  • Gain skills for greater success in all you do
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D.I.S.C.overy Products For the Whole Family:

Working the family as a winning TEAM! 

"A house divided cannot stand" - so let's come together and build a home team with deeper understanding and appreciation for one another.

We are all "humans" designed by God with a divine purpose. 
Let's lean in and learn.

Through the Family DISCovery package, you will DISCover the personality strengths of each family member so that each will feel validated and better understood.

You will learn how to provide a more peaceful supportive home environment that nurtures and encourages independent personal development.

The family is a "team" of individuals - the earlier we learn about each member, the better chances for success.

How are you leading YOUR family "team"?

A 15-minute DISC assessment can save 15 years of trial and error incidences!   

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