Sandy invites ANYONE who works with PEOPLE!

The information and principles that will be shared in this session of Communicate to Connect is highly valuable, wherever you find that you're dealing with PEOPLE.  Yes, that's about EVERYwhere. 

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Exclusive PILOT Session for Parenting Excellence

LEARN not only about why D.I.S.C. is such an effective tool, but WHAT TO DO with your results, and how to leverage the information.

This is where the Communicate-to-Connect training comes in!


  • Nurturing self worth
  • Putting faith in action
  • Building self-confidence to seize opportunities
  • Gaining the skills for resilience in this challenging world.

JOIN US for this PILOT interactive Introductory "Communicate to Connect" Session for parents! featuring Award Winning Performance Mindset Coach, Gordon MacFarlane, Master Coach for D.I.S.C. in association with Personality Insights, Inc.

TOGETHER, Coach Gordon and The Goe's will share keys to

  • Deepening the relationships with every member of the family, including your TEENS
  • Finding the FUN with family, creating memorable events together
  • Discovering better approaches to¬†relationship challenges
  • Nurturing peace and harmony in the home
  • Increasing family connections¬†
  • & More!


Communicate to Connect PILOT

Pilot 90-minute Introductory Pilot Session for Parents



About Coach Gordon and The Goes

Gordon is a Certified Human Behavior Specialist & Master Trainer with D.I.S.C.  He is a Level 3 Official Referee/Linesman at Hockey Canada and coaches for businesses, sport teams, and specializes in mental toughness and emotional intelligence.

Co-hosted with Memorable Connections Goe Coaching, Sandy and Gino Goe.  The Goe's are entrepreneurial business owners who raised two entrepreneurial daughters, served as Host Mom & Dad for over 80 International college students over the course of 30 years, and homeschooled their youngest daughter. They are passionate about equipping individuals to fulfill their potential, to be productive and in alignment with their God-given assignment.

Their D.I.S.C. certification is in association with Personality Insights, Inc., with CEO Dr. Robert Rohm, who has trained numerous high level officials and leaders, including all of the  Chick-fil-A managers with the D.I.S.C. model of human behavior.

They will share with you the secrets of how D.I.S.C. has been used and how YOU can use it as you lead your family, and also apply what you learn to your business, and every where you deal with PEOPLE! 

High Performance Coach Gordon MacFarlane

Master Coach for Businesses & Sport Teams

Goe Coaching, Sandy & Gino

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