A Memorable Marketing Toolbox for Publicity

You just got invited to SPEAK at an event! Are you prepared with a portfolio to provide the Organizers?  

An OPPORTUNITY is coming up to share your expertise! What visuals do you have demonstrating that you are a professional?

Contact Sandy and get HELP.

  • BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Package including Recorded Interview, custom ads & support
  • Memorable Marketing services can also be requested as needed. By project or by hour. 

Serving Women Professionals, Coaches, and Speakers who want to be MEMORABLE!

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Special Marketing Essentials

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Marketing PRO Toolkit

This Memorable Marketing PRO Toolkit sets you up for a high visibility marketing campaign, customized to shout out your brand and your purpose.   A picture is worth a thousand words ~ so you want to put your best pictures out there!  A 1-on-1 Strategy call and Networking support sets you up with clarity, confidence, and a plan.

$499 Pro Package Deal


Business Spotlight

The BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Package highlights you as the celebrity of your business.  You are featured in a Recorded Interview, custom ads highlight benefits of working with you & you will be personally introduced to networking connections and be included in an exclusive business directory.

$997 Spotlight Package


Marketing Start Up

The Memorable Marketing Start Up is simply a set of attention-getting visual media that celebrates your brand, and gives you an instant boost for your visibility campaign.

$249 Start Up Deal